Sunday, July 29, 2007

Since my last post, Matty has hardly done any walking; we are about to put the house on the market; I have created a facebook page and both kids have been sleeping beautifully.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

First Steps

Matty-moo can walk now too! (mostly)

Matthew took his first steps last night, walking from daddy to mummy and georgia in the bath. It was very exciting for all, except Matty didn't seem to realise what he had done! I think he still prefers crawling, because he can move a lot faster, but it is great that he has started the journey on his own two feet!

In other news, we have begun the process of selling the other house. We've contacted the agent and it's only a matter of time until we're on our way.

You can read about our move to Tasmania at, where you can also vote for us to move (or not). Monte would just like to point out that we're going anyway!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

More celebrations (and why not?!)

The cheeky smile
This afternoon we had our family come over to celebrate Matthew's first Birthday. It was very lovely and relaxed, and he was showered with loving attention. I liked the set of "Birthday Boy" napkins, cups, plates and hats that I got for the day.
I thought that it was very special to be surrounded by family at his birthday party. We won't always be able to be around family at birthdays, so this was treasured. We had my nanny there, pretty in pink, and sweet and attentive. I love her so much.

Opening Uncle Fran's card
Matthew is wearing this cute outfit; I got a pink one for our neice, Angelica. Georgia is finding it interesting that Matthew gets presents. She took a while to believe that, yes, actually, Eeyore does belong to Matty! (Eeyore is the blue and black fuzzy toy in the foreground).
The Boat Cake - isn't it great!
This cake was quite easy. I made a large slab cake, then cut it into pieces and stacked them. I made a butter cream icing and iced it - it was easy - and then decorated it. I am stoked with it, and everybody loved it. It tasted great too. Can't beat chocolate! Matthew 'chose' the butch pink love-heart marshmallows. He couldn't stop looking at and grabbing the bag, so I bought them.
Singing Happy Birthday
Here we all are singing "Happy Birthday" to our Matthew, who couldn't stop grinning the whole time. I love this photo; we're all linked together. The candle was singing too.
Eating Birthday cake with an unusually serious Gramps
I think Matty and Gramps have a lovely bond. He is always cuddling with Gramps, who adores his grandson! I like the paradoxical seriousness on these blokes' faces.

Matthew and Mummy

More cuddles with Gramps
Mum and kids

I call this photo "slightly happy." I love having the little dudes cuddling into me. I can't explain to sceptics that it's not hard being a mum. It does make everything else in the world a bit more challenging, but if you are organised and don't mind the mess (eek) then it's just a joy and an adventure. I would roll around on the floor with them over a crisp suit and a sophisticated latte any day.

And that's enough birthdays for now. Over dinner, Monte and Georgie kindly worked out that there are 97 days until her birthday; then Monte asked Georgia what kind of party she will have. Apparently it will be a fairy party, although Monte suggested 'Dora the Explorer' might be a good idea.

But for now I am going to spend the next week relaxing, enjoying my holidays.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

He can't be one already!

...But he is!

Today our boy is one year old! He was born at 10:35am on July 10 2006. My labour was 2 hours and 5 minutes. I was induced at 38 weeks because of my antibodies. I am pretty clever, having a 4kg baby with no drugs, no stitches - after no fricking sleep! Below is a momento - taken just moments after the birth...

And here is Matthew, on the last day that he is 0 years old. Doesn't he look cheeky? He was investigating his presents, which were wrapped and sitting in the sitting room.
Here is Matty this morning, after opening his presents and playing with fire engine and 'Scoop,' while daddy puts the giraffe together.Here is Matty playing with 'Scoop.' He really likes pushing cars!
And here is the birthday boy in a moment of shock (?) as he eats some birthday cake. We sang 'Happy birthday' and blew the candle. I opened a bottle of champagne - blow it - my son will only turn one once!

Here is my beautiful (x) eyed boy. We're still not sure what colour those eyes are going to be, but does it matter? They're so gorgeous either way!

Here are proud parents, not quite believing how quickly time goes, and how rapidly a child grows.
And here is Nanny with Matty. Matty was feeling tired after his cake.

So, what are my reflections over the past year? I remember Matty being a very easy baby who grew quickly, but I loved every moment. He seems to become more and more interesting as he grows up. He is so close to walking, which is exciting, but I am not ready for him to be a toddler yet. I reflect that he and Georgia play beautifully, and he has just made the best addition to the family that we could hope, wish and pray for.

Happy Birthday Matthew

Sunday, July 08, 2007

07 07 07

Me and my lashes
(they're fake btw)

Well, the birthday is over and I have almost finished cleaning up after the party. I'm pleased I didn't drink enough for even the slightest headache - although some people tried to encourage me to drink a lot last night!

The party was a great success. Some of my friends pulled out at the very last minute though, and that really dampened my mood. I really missed them. BUT lots of my friends came, and they gave me some really generous gifts. I guess the secret is out - I love my photos (photo frames and photo albums) and I love my coffee (lovely tea and coffee cups!) and I love flowers (flowers and vases). I opened some of my gifts this morning; it was fun!

It was great seeing people dressed up. There was a Saturday Night Fever dude (Chris H), a family of hippies (Michele's), a very swanky Wayne in an orange floral suit. It was so much fun. When you open your door and find a friend dressed up and just cack yourself laughing, it's a good sign. Well, it's fun at least! Mum wore a dress she wore when she was pregnant with me. Emily wore a dress mum wore when she was pregnant with her. There were some very interesting outfits.

And, there was dancing at my party!!! We did the nutbush and the hustle (sort of) and danced to several numbers. It was fun.
People looked great in their 70s gear. Georgia wore genuine vintage:

And my dad is genuine vintage, wearing genuine vintage, and holding almost 1-year-old Matty (not at all vintage and in his non-vintage orange tigger suit)!
I am wearing genuine vintage too. I bleached my hair for the occasion (just kidding, it's a wig). I really enjoyed dressing up. My platforms hurt my feet though; I was running around all night playing host.

I got to catch up with my lovely friend, Susie, who I haven't seen for ages. She looks radiant.

I had a great cake. I shared some of it.

And I married a porn star. Well, at least a star! Monte was wonderful, cooking food, serving, hosting, dancing and just being great! He's having the day off today, fishing with Wayne. I'll manage the tidy up so he can take it easy. His platforms hurt his feet too. I should have taken a photo! "How do you girls do it?" he wonders, after wearing his heels all night.

Ahh. Now I can almost get back to normal. I am on holidays. I can catch up on my washing, if the weather fines up. I can prepare for Matty's birthday too. He is being so wonderful, sleeping well at night and mostly having a decent sleep in the afternoon. Sometimes he doesn't have any sleeps - that's just crazy.

Georgia loved getting ready for my party, and she had a great time at the party. The kids stayed up late but Georgia went to sleep before guests left (which is a good thing, since people stayed late!).

"Thank you for coming to my party even on such a wonderful, horrid winter night. [Thank you for the generous gifts.] I am in two minds about being thirty, but I am happy with the things I have achieved in the past thirty years. Thank you to Monte, for the party, and to Amanda, for all her help and support [and just being wonderful] and to mum and dad, especially mum, for you help in the morning. Thank you all..." excerpt from an impromptu speech (I think I nearly cried actually. It was all a bit overwhelming, and then Georgia cried because I forgot to let her blow out my candles, and we did it all over again).

And I am excited to go back to work because I found out they are putting plasmas in my classrooms :0

Recently Added Pics:

I got some photos from mum's camera. Here is a photo of me with Emily, dad and mum.

Here is a photo of my cake. It was a great cake. What I find funny about this photo is the background. There's the photo of Georgia at 12 weeks, which could be either of my children. There's the statues of mother and child (which could be me and my three kids) and the photo of Monte and me at my year 12 formal (!94!) and lastly, the beer bottle (enough said!).

Here's a pic of Emily, me and mum. I think we look hilarious (in a seriously cool way) - basically, a bunch of oxymorons.

Mum took this photo. I am opening a present from my nanny. It was a couple of ancient tea cups from her prized collection. I am SO grateful and lucky to get them. You can see by the look on my face. I think this is the nicest photo of me I have.

And here is Georgia, my angel. She is so great. She is saying the best things at present, but just when I sit down to write them down I realise I have forgotten them. Let's see: "When I am sick I like to cuddle with my daddy." "Can I please eat in the TVD room?" Classic.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The week I turn 30

My wonderful husband and me on my birthday

My birthday is looming and I am very excited. People tell me I don't look thirty. For a while I enjoy being told this, and even feel flattered - until I realise they are telling me this because they think that 30 is old! It's not old! I am young. I am at a very good spot in my life, thank you very much!

Lots of people are coming to my party. There is a lot of excited chatter about what people are wearing. Amanda is coming over on Thursday to help me do some cooking (bless her). There will be lots of kids there too! We're having a few kids treats for their part of the party. They'll be watching some dvds too.

I have organised the 70s music but want to get more Bee Gees. I love the BGs! I have already got out my collection of wooden bowls and platters. I bought some indoor ferns too. I am looking through recipes from the 70s and find some of their ideas hysterical, and others are quite cool. I get the impression that elaborate, colourful dishes were all the rage. Dips were in, as were punch, quiche, fruit kebabs and anything on a skewer and poked into innocent fruit. Pizzas were popular too. I guess there's nothing too crazy on my party menu! I have my dress. I have Georgia's outfit too. Monte has organised his outfit but I am yet to work out what the baby wears. I'll do a web search on baby clothes from the 70s. No doubt I have something useful.