Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Getting better all the time

Thank God the children are better now. They are sleeping beautifully. Matthew has finished his antibiotics and is back to his happy self. Georgia is being obedient and happy. She is saying all kinds of things that blow me away. She works things out all the time; her mind must be racing so fast.

We have decided to start off by renting in Tasmania, so we can get a feel for where we want to live, without being rushed. We found a huge home in Geeveston, but we're certainly not ready to move yet! We're in the process of getting the other house ready to sell; that should take place in a month or so.

Friday, August 17, 2007

My Dad

Dad came for dinner tonight. We had a lovely time. I made a scrapbook page for him.

This is for my dad, who I love.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

When things aren't that great...

Matthew is suffering his first ear infection. He is grizzly and very clingy. I have not done any dishes today because he wants to be cuddled so much. He is sleeping now, so I have some time to write this post. Yesterday was a bit dramatic because the doctor prescribed some medicine for him, and when I went to collect it, I was told there is a supply shortage. Last night Monte phoned nearly ten pharmacies before we found one that had some in stock (thank goodness), and it is helping him already.

Georgia is also not very well. She is coughing a lot and seems to only want to rest, draw quietly and cuddle mummy or daddy. Last night she had a nightmare and slept in our bed - all four of us cuddled together, fogging up the windows!

We're starting to move some things out of our house and we have a few things to give away. We're drawing different designs for our dream house. We've been looking for land in Tassie and we're planning to travel there again this Spring.

That is an update from us - until happier times!

Friday, August 10, 2007


My loved ones, I can hold you in my arms.
I feel your body warm against my palms
I smooth my hand over your golden hair
and nuzzle against your cheek so very fair.
You grew inside me and came from me -
no gift can quite compete.
Each day as we are far apart
I know I grow more weak.
My babies when I hold you nothing matters
Except the love I feel inside my heart
I love it when you giggle and sing beside me
We are the many pieces of one part.
You cuddle me and I feel myself grow weak
Even though I'm meant to be so very strong
I want the world for you my darling treasures
And in my life you really do belong.
My babies I just look at you and smile-
Those labour pains were certainly worthwhile.
You bring a joy to me you may not know
I want to be beside you as you grow.

Becky Goulding August 07