Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bubbles, Bathrooms and Oranges...

Dear adult.
You probably came home from work or whatever today, feeling a bit stressed. You might not have really enjoyed cooking the evening meal. You might not have patted the dog or fed the cat without a grunt. You're feeling pushed for time, money, space... It seems like you'll be happy once you achieve x, y or z.
Take heart, my friend. Look into the laughing face of a child and remember what is important in your life. Think now, of the things that make you happy. These things are what drive you and they are what matters: the rain, birdsong, children playing, Mozart, Pink, Crocs, Socks, clean sheets, the scent of jasmine on a warm spring e'en. A kiss from your loved one in the morning, children's toes pinching your calves in the night, the smell of a baby's breath. The cat purring, the dog lying still and quietly at your feet. Coffee with a good friend. Crying with a good friend. Loving a friend, holding hands with your spouse. Seeing your spouse as if it was the first time you met.
And if those things don't get you thinking, have a look at these photos of a certain young boy taking joy in the simple things:

Who thought bubbles were so wonderful?

. . .

Life is fairly exciting at present. I have made my plans to move to Tasmania known to work now, so I feel free to talk about it and share my excitement openly. Each day I wake up with new energy, inspiration and drive. I feel motivated and excited. I am having fast-paced dreams and I feel great. THIS is what it is to be achieving a lifetime dream.
When Matty was born, Monte and I stopped for a moment - we had achieved all our goals earlier than we expected. So we set out to achieve a bigger one - the one to move to Tassie. And now that it is happening, there is much chitter-chatter and excited planning going on in our little abode.
Now that the other house has sold, and I have put in my resignation, we need to get our house ready to sell. At present, I am busy busy busy sorting and giving away whatever I can find. Monte has now demolished our main bathroom and is fitting a new one. It has been a lot easier to design a new bathroom when we don't have to live with it for ever. Having said that, it's going to be lovely. We bought a kitcsh mirror with a clock in it today.

This is why I am glad there are two bathrooms in our house.

Georgia at Abby's party. Complete with jelly on face.

Georgia is being delightful. She talks beautifully and cares deeply for her family. She talks of Tasmania with confidence and pride. She seems so mature, knowing that she is leaving friends and family here, but that she will make new friends when we're there. She is excited about starting a new kindy. There are many things that I hope for my daughter growing up in this world. One of these things is that she will be confident and secure. She is certainly these things. She is a beautiful girl: generous, loving and kind.

Matthew loves oranges so much, he doesn't have time to get somebody to peel them for him!

Matthew loves his oranges. Have you had your 2 fruit servings today?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The house...SOLD (at first open)


Ahhh. On November 25, 1999, Monte and I moved into our first house. Over the next few years, we transformed it and made it our own home. Our first child, Georgia, was brought home to the house. As a family of three, we left it in early 2006, when I was pregnant with Matthew. We tennanted it for nearly two years, before deciding that now is a great time to sell.

And, after the first open inspection, it has sold. Just one week ago, it was put on the internet. Today, the contracts are being signed and we are surprised and overjoyed with the price.

I don't want to let go of this house. It was my first home and we worked hard to make it the way we wanted it to be. It has many scars of our toil. I don't like to see it go, but the buyers are so pleased, and we are pleased with the price, so really it is the best thing.

So, now what? We are getting our current home ready for sale too. Monte is already renovating the bathroom and toilet. Next, we will landscape the gardens. We will also render the house. Our plan is to sell it at the end of the year so we can move on in January.

So, Rebecca, how do you feel right now?

I feel sick. My stomach is churning and I feel a bit like crying.

If you could describe this feeling in one word, what would it be?

Don't be ridiculous.

What do you really feel like doing right now?

Eating a lot of chocolate and cuddling my children on my bed in the sunshine.
What do you have to say to the buyers of your home?
Hope you are as happy there as we were. There is a lot of love in that house. And enjoy the garden that I made and that I covet.

What are you going to do with the money?

I plan to live mortgage free for the rest of my days, spending those days with my children, breeding dogs (and humans), writing and growing my own food.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fathers Day 07

We had a wonderful Fathers Day, once we had spent the morning working on the other house, which is officially on the market this week.

The weekend of celebration began early on Saturday morning, when Gordon and Maxine visited us for breakfast. They brought danishes and we had a lovely chat over sticky, sweet food and hot, fresh coffee. Georgia had slept at her friend's house the previous night, so she had lots of stories to tell of her first sleepover!

On Sunday we went to my parents' house, where we sat on the front lawn and drank nice wines and had a delicious bbq. The collage above shows some happy moments, such as my dad with the children, Monte chillin' out and Georgia having a wonderful time strapping Barbie to the toy dog, before pushing her down the sloping driveway. It's worth watching this video. My camera doesn't do sound, but you get the idea that Barbie is having the time of her life.

Happy Fathers Day to my dad, and to my wonderful husband, who I love more than myself; who loves us more than himself; who gives and gives and gives - the most beautiful person in the world, Monte.