Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Life Is Beautiful!

The stereotypic family is pictured here. Mummy and Daddy and son and daughter. Girls in pink, boys in blue, proud parents, sleepy children...
Family life is really quite wonderful at present. Now that the first 6 weeks of Matty's life are well out of the way, we are developing a routine AND getting more sleep, as he has been sleeping for at least 7 hours a night for over 2 weeks now! Georgia is waking up early too, so our house is up and bustling by 6:30am each day (parents more likely to be trudging than bustling!). Matthew is weighing in at 6.5kg and Georgia is 102cm now, so both our children are well above average in size (err, probably related to parents' similar plight). Matthew arrived on July 10 this year, after a rather short and violent, but uncomplicated labour. Matthew is pictured here on Father's Day, smiling his way into my heart at 8 weeks. He is a typical little boy: wanting to always be in the action and see everything; wanting his mummy; wanting to eat; doing loud pop-offs and belches; being overly gorgeous; and sleeping. I am so blessed to have this angel in my life. I've never felt happier!
Georgia, my life started when you were born. I will never forget the exhilaration I felt when they handed you to me on October 20 2003! It has been a wild journey for the past (nearly) three years. Here, Georgia is pictured holding a 1-day-old baby chick at the Royal Adelaide Show. Going to the show was a lot of fun. We couldn't belive how quicikly you can spend money, and we didn't even buy showbags! It was a hot day, so we bought lots of drinks, and I bought Georgia a fairy on a stick, because I can relive my childhood through her if I want to!

Our family is growing! On September 9th, my darling brother, of whom I couldn't be more proud, married Cassie, who I adore. They are truly a wonderful couple and their wedding day was testimony to that. They are deeply in love and deeply generous to their family and friends. What a stunning couple!

My sister, Sophie, has just given birth to an 8lb6 girl, Angelica Grace Gennari, in Baltimore USA. My heart aches as I want so desperately to be near her and give her a hug (and cuddle the little bundle).

Life is Beautiful. Don't forget it.

Spring Events

September 7 - nephew Isaac turns one

September 9 - Alex and Cassie's wedding

September 12 - our niece, Angelica, born to Sophie Turner

October 13 - mum comes home from USA

October 17 - Nanny's birthday (Audrey Kenny [nee Matthew])

October 20 - Georgia's 3rd birthday

October 22 - Georgia's birthday party

October 29 - Matthew's Baptism