Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Playing Cars

If I get some time for just Matty and me, I like to play cars with my boy! Matthew is showing lots of interest in playing cars, although he does also like dolls and barbies. He loves blocks. He loves taking things apart and working out how they fit together. He wants to learn how everything works. He is great fun! Anyway, he and I were playing cars. It was great fun. I enjoyed it as much as he did.
Matthew and his new favourite toy, Thomas. Thomas is a pull back train, so he gets lost easily. Like asking d'Art "Where's the ball?" We ask Matty "Where's Thomas" and he gets excited. Note the cute navy sandals!
This is piglet in a helicopter. It makes a cool noise and the piglet spins around.
My favourite - bobble head fire engine. It used to run along when you pushed the bobble head, but it stopped doing that one day. Probably the cost of petrol.
Freaky-looking Scoop. A favourite, albeit a large toy that doesn't fit into the cars box. It makes a cool noise and is great for walking around with.
Here's little Thomas. His eyes roll around. Personally, that smile freaks me out. Nobody should be that happy!

One thing you may not know about this gorgeous lad is that he is very good at, and rather obsessed with brushing his teeth. This photo was taken just after he went to the bathroom cabinet, put toothpaste on his toothbrush, and began brushing away. This is a great shot of a little dress up that my dearest friend, Mandy, gave to Matthew. He's a little dinosaur, doing dinosaur things like reaching up to the kitchen sink to ... get stuff.

It was a warm day. Georgia and Frances wanted to go swimming. So we put them in their special swimming gear and they had a paddle in the new, big, white bath!

Finally, in the spirit of Christmas, Georgia and I baked some cookies today. I iced and she decorated. Very clever! Note the "Alien" which is the star with a big eyebrow (blue jellybean) and the special man with blue shoes. It almost makes me feel guilty eating them, when they are all assigned special characters! Think they look deliciously, sickly sweet? They are!

For an update on our property in Geeveston go to http://gettingdowntoearth.blogspot.com/

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Christmas Pageant

Today mum and I took Georgia to the Christmas Pageant. It was great fun! It was a very warm day and we did lots of walking, but everything was worth the excitement to be seen on my daughter's face.

Christmas is about Jesus being born, but to me, what makes Christmas extra exciting is the happiness found through children, and I love making Christmas special for my children. I remember my parents making Christmas magical for me, and I hope to do the same for Georgie and Matty.

Georgia at Mum and Dad's house, before leaving for the "Christmas Thingy"
Georgia, with flag, at the pageant
Georgia and mum (nanny), inspecting the booklet to see what floats will be in the pageant
Excitement on a child's face as the parade begins
A happy girl, enjoying the paradeGeorgia and mum at the pageant. Both beaming!

In other news :) we are now booked to move to Tasmania on December 30. We are going earlier than we originally thought because Monte wants to celebrate his birthday and the New Year on our block. We are finishing up the work on our house before putting it on the market at the end of this month (fingers crossed). We are really excited. Bring it on!

Matty and Georgie in their stripes. Happy together as usual!

Matty and mum having a cuddle and a giggle before bed

Matthew is really walking/running now and is being a 'real boy' in that he is playing ball and cars and all those things that boys like to do. He also enjoys reading books and drawing, and is very content. He is really happy :)