Thursday, January 18, 2007

Monte's 30!

Birthday Cake
It's almost hard to believe that Monte is 30. I remember when I met him. He was a cute 16 year old boy! He had a crew cut. We liked the same music. His eyes were (and are) captivating. His smile was (and is) illuminating. Ah! He's still cute, but he's a man now. And he is a great guy. He is very interested in his family; he is passionate about the environment and he loves gardening. In the last 14 years since I met him, he has been my rock and I will cherish him for all of my days and for ever after that.
We had a lovely family dinner to celebrate his birthday. Our families gathered for an Indian feast. I was a bit flustered (what's new) but it was a really lovely night and Monte was stoked. We also had a lovely dinner together to celebrate. It was a magical evening but we got home a bit late, and my parents, who were babysitting, were a bit peeved.

Family Dinner
God Bless you Monte


Matthew's First Christmas

Matthew ready for his Christmas Lunch

This year's Christmas was so much fun. We were all so happy!

It all began with the Children's Christmas service at church. Georgia was an angel and Matthew was baby Jesus! After Church we had a lovely meal of Atlantic Salmon. The next morning, after a sleep-in until 9am, we opened presents and enjoyed Georgia discovering what Father Christmas had left her in her stocking. She also liked going through Matty's presents. It was very exciting! We had Christmas lunch at my parents' place before coming home for a rest for a few hours. The day ended with a lovely Christmas tea at Monte's parents' house.

Matthew, Georgia and me, with Matthew's new Christmas Bear from Nanny and Gramps

Such a beautiful boy!

Georgia and Matthew, matching bibs and all, ready for Christmas tea at the Gouldings

Georgia on Boxing day at Harry's naming day