Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Georgia starts school!!!

a grown up Georgia in her school uniform

Right, so, my firstborn Georgia Rebecca May has grown up and wears a school uniform and goes to school and learns stuff... I can deal with this! It's only two days a week. It's only for a few hours. It's nice to have some time just with Matty (can't wait till he gets childcare though, so I can work or clean or write books :0). Yes. This is a wonderful change for our family.

Georgia excited about going to school. Look at our view!

Her first day was a great success, which doesn't surprise me. She has been to childcare since she was 6 months old. She has been to occasional care at the local kindy since she was 2. She was doing pre-entry in term 4 last year, and she is ready for school! She started the day playing playdough, and from second hand information, I know that she rode a red bike, wrote her name by herself, painted a picture, decorated her name on a poster and heard a story about a vicious rabbit or something. She ate all her food (hardly surprising) and drank all her drink, and the teacher told me she had a "lovely" day and she even wrote it in the school diary. I am impressed!

Georgia has grown up so much. She has blossomed of late. She and I have wonderful conversations together and we enjoy bird watching together. I love her, which just goes without saying.

Her current favourite hairstyle - a 'bum'

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