Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bonnydoon renamed to Fangorn Farm

The name change came about this evening during a BBQ dinner outside, looking at our forests. We are Lord of the Rings fans and we talk about it a lot so because of our forests, we thought this name works well. Plus, it has the advantage of alliteration, which all good names have, of course!

We now have a new website:


Andrew said...

Hiya! Love the new name for the farm.... since I have an affinity for spies and secret stuff and conspiracy theories, I would probably just call my farm 'The Farm' after the facility at Quantico in Virginia where all CIA spies get their training! lol

Just one thing... the website isn't up yet. What's with advertising it and not having it up and going?!? lol

Love you guys!

Rebecca said...

It was up, just took some time to be noticed, I guess. Anyway, it's up now.